CHRIS REASON:        Well, Julie Bishop and Wild Oats X skipper Stacey Jackson join us now. Ladies, good morning to you. Thank you for joining us. Stacey, first of all to you: how are conditions looking today? How are you feeling about a possible win here? You’re a chance at the handicap honours.

STACEY JACKSON:     Hi. We’ve just had our final weather briefing and the conditions look fantastic for us. We- it’s very nice conditions the whole way and we’re going to hope that that suits us for the handicap result.

EDWINA BARTHOLOMEW: And Julie, you’ve been mentoring this group of incredible women. I mean, Stacey’s done 12 Hobarts. You’re not teaching them about sailing. But what have you been teaching them, perhaps, about working as a team or leadership?

JULIE BISHOP:           They’re an extraordinary group of young women who’ve come together for the first time as a crew for the Sydney to Hobart. They’re very experienced sailors but they haven’t worked together as a team before. So I’ve just been here to tell them how wonderful they are and encourage them to do their very best, because I think that we’re a great chance for handicap line honours in the Sydney to Hobart. which would be amazing.

CHRIS REASON:        Stacey, you’re competing under the banner of Ocean Respect Racing. Why is this cause so important?

STACEY JACKSON:     Well for me, you know, the ocean is my workplace, my playground, and somewhere that I like to go in my spare time. So for me it’s important that we’ve teamed up with 11th Hour Racing and we’re trying to spread the message about the need to reduce plastics and look after our oceans’ health.

EDWINA BARTHOLOMEW: Look, Julie, I have concerns for you because I’d rather be strapped to the mast than get thrown off this boat as you leave the head. So what is the actual plan for getting off the boat? You’ve obviously clearly had a practice run but not with that chaos of the Sydney Hobart

JULIE BISHOP:           I’ve been playing this through my mind over the last few days and it’s with some trepidation, we have a plan that when the boat turns right and heads to Hobart about opposite Bondi Beach I then jump off, because if the weather turns bad I think I’d be such a liability to the girls I wouldn’t want to ruin their chances. So I think I’d be better off the boat than on it, but I have to say, the idea of going all the way to Hobart, is something that I would love to do one day – just not today

CHRIS REASON:        You’re inspiring. There’s all sort of jokes we can make about that, Julie, about you know abandoning ship and all …

JULIE BISHOP:           Don’t go there.

CHRIS REASON:        Just not going to go there today.

JULIE BISHOP:           Don’t go there, no, don’t go there!

CHRIS REASON:        It’s far too important for that. It’s an exciting day though for both of you. There’s real potential there for a win.

JULIE BISHOP:           Yes. It’s going to be very exciting and I hope a lot of people are cheering on the Ocean Respect Racing team, a wonderful group of female athletes – who are experienced sailors so I’m sure they’ll do very well, but also advocating this cause of cleaning up our oceans, getting rid of single use plastic and not polluting our beautiful seas.

EDWINA BARTHOLOMEW: It’s a great message, a wonderful race, and most importantly a beautiful day. Enjoy it, bobbing out there in the harbour Julie, and have a wonderful trip to Hobart Stacey. Thank you so much for joining us.

JULIE BISHOP:           Thank you, we will. Cheers.

STACEY JACKSON:     Thank you.