JOURNALIST:             Alright, here with the ambassador for Wild Oats X Julie Bishop. But it’s also about Wild Oats XI at the moment. Julie, we’ll start with Wild Oats XI – how great’s this, line honours again, a ninth time?

JULIE BISHOP:           Absolutely thrilling. I’m so delighted for the Oatley family. They’ve put so much into sailing, and to see Wild Oats XI come home so strongly was absolutely fantastic. But I understand it was very close, a very exciting race, and the crew have been talking about how often the lead changed as they were coming down the Tasmanian coast so it couldn’t be more exciting.

JOURNALIST:             Yeah, tactical masterstroke I think. Now what about the boat you’re an ambassador for, the Wild Oats X? I believe second at the moment in the handicap race. How good’s that?

JULIE BISHOP:           The first all-female professional crew on Wild Oats X and my understanding is the girls are coming in second in terms of the handicap, so we’ll be back here to cheer them on and I have got my fingers crossed. And it’s all about female participation in sport and what a great example they’ll be, and also they’re advocating clean, sustainable oceans, so what a magnificent message that will send.

JOURNALIST:             You can’t get much better than that. You backing them in for the victory? There’s still a chance.

JULIE BISHOP:           It’s too early to say but I’ve got my fingers crossed. I really hope that they do well. They certainly deserve it, they’ve been training hard. They came together as a team just a few weeks ago and they’ve been working really hard to get it all together. And I was on the boat at the start and that was exhilarating and how fantastic to be here at the end.

JOURNALIST: Yeah, tell us about that. We saw the pictures of you jumping into the water. I think your shoes are still wet. Are you …

JULIE BISHOP:           They are.

JOURNALIST:             Describe that to me, because that looked a bit scary.

JULIE BISHOP:           Well, it was really exciting being on the boat at the start of the race. The commotion, the noise, the helicopters, and everyone shouting instructions and directions, and so I was really tens. And then we went around through the heads and we were heading probably about 20 knots south and then suddenly they said it’s time for you to get off. And I’m thinking “I think I want to come to Hobart now”. So, on the back of the boat, they were holding on to me and they said “time to go, Julie.” Push, and I was off. It was great.

JOURNALIST:             Still easier than politics, right?

JULIE BISHOP:           Well, there are some similarities.

JOURNALIST:             I like where you’re going with that. And just quickly, final mention, your boat is fifth in the line honours as well at the moment. That’s some great speed.

JULIE BISHOP:           That is extraordinary, so, second we think in the handicap line honours and fifth overall which is extraordinary. So says a lot about the Wild Oats team and the Oatley family. It’s fantastic.

JOURNALIST:             Alright. Thanks for your time. Enjoy the celebrations, hopefully for both boats.

JULIE BISHOP:           We’re looking forward to it. Double honours would be just too much, I think. The crowd would go wild.