Remarks at the opening of the Cao Lanh ‘Friendship’ Bridge, Vietnam

Speech, check against delivery Vietnam 27 May 2018 Your excellency, Deputy Prime Minister Dung, Minister Thẻ, Former leaders, Ambassadors, Ministers, friends of Australia, friends of Vietnam, distinguished guests, all I am delighted to be here in Vietnam in the year that we celebrate 45 years of diplomatic relations and in the year that our respective Prime Ministers have elevated our relationship to one of a Strategic Partnership. This means that there will be more regular high-level engagement between our governments at every level. It means that we will focus on enhancing our economic ties through greater trade and investment across [...]

May 21st, 2018|

Launch of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Diplomatic Academy, Canberra

11 May 2018 JULIE BISHOP:  I acknowledge our friends here today - my colleague Minister Fierravanti-Wells, Dr Brendan Nelson, agency heads, secretaries, Excellencies from a number of the missions based here in Canberra - friends, all. Frances said that it is not every day that you can get such a crowd at 8.30 in the morning - perhaps only in the nation’s capital. I was on FM radio this morning at 8am on Kyle and Jackie O, and they informed me that they are in treaty negotiations with Ireland to ensure that we swap preferences in the Eurovision song contest [...]

May 11th, 2018|

Keynote speech at the 2018 Safeguarding Australia National Security Annual Summit, Canberra

Speech, check against delivery Canberra, ACT 9 May 2018 JULIE BISHOP: Budget week is a particularly busy time in Canberra as the Government lays out its plan for Australia’s economic future. I am particularly pleased to have this opportunity to reflect on the other primary government responsibility and that is to keep our people safe. This week also marks the 73rd anniversary of Victory in Europe Day in 1945. Celebrations in Australia were somewhat muted because the Pacific War was yet to be won, and the threat to Australia was not yet over. By August that year, 1945, more than [...]

May 9th, 2018|

Speech with Minister for Communications and the Arts, Senator the Hon Mitch Fifiled, and Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, the Hon Steven Ciobo MP, Gold Coast

Speech, check against delivery Movie World, Gold Coast 4 May 2018 JULIE BISHOP:           Graham, thank you for welcoming us to your studio here, and I believe the last time I was on this set was the filming of Thor: Ragnorok, and what a great Australian production that turned out to be - a marvellous film.  Thank you for having us here today Graham, and for a very important announcement. I began my day with a run along the beach of Surfers Paradise, and I was reminded yet again why it is that Queensland in particular, but also Australia more generally, [...]

May 4th, 2018|

Remarks at The Great Barrier Reef Funding Announcement, Cairns, Queensland

Speech, check against delivery Cairns, Queensland 29 April 2018 JULIE BISHOP:           Friends of the Great Barrier Reef, all. I am delighted to be here in Cairns with my parliamentary colleagues Minister Josh Frydenberg, Assistant Minister Melissa Price and Senator Amanda Stoker. Today the Turnbull Government is announcing the single largest funding boost to reef restoration and protection of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia’s history - $500 million, half a billion dollars, will be invested in safeguarding the environmental and economic and social and cultural value of the reef and for reef restoration. The Great Barrier Reef is not [...]

April 29th, 2018|

Keynote Address at the 165th Victorian Liberals State Council, Melbourne

Speech, check against delivery Melbourne 28 April 2018 JULIE BISHOP:           Thank you Senator Jane Hume for that very warm introduction. You are an outstanding new member of the Victorian Liberal team and I thank you for your efforts, your ability, your enthusiasm. I am absolutely delighted to be here today amongst so many Victorian friends and colleagues in Melbourne, the most liveable city on the planet. I acknowledge Michael Kroger and the State Executive. I congratulate Matthew Guy on his excellent address and for his leadership of the State Victorian Liberal team who will, who must, for the sake of this [...]

April 28th, 2018|

Keynote address at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Global Summit of Women, Sydney

Speech, check against delivery Sydney 26 April 2018 JULIE BISHOP:           Excellencies, distinguished delegates, I am so delighted to see you here and I give a special shout out to each and every woman delegate here because I am confident that with the enthusiasm of our organising committee and the dynamism of our delegates from across the world, the 2018 Global Summit of Women will be the most fabulously successful ever. I add my welcome to you to Australia, to Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales. You are in one of the most liveable cities on the planet, [...]

April 26th, 2018|

Remarks at Coloured Diggers Anzac Day Memorial Service, Redfern, Sydney

Speech, check against delivery Redfern, Sydney 25 April 2018 JULIE BISHOP:           Governor Hurley, Tanya Plibersek, Excellencies, distinguished guests, friends, all. Thank you for the very warm welcome to country and for the magnificent performance of ‘The Love of Country’ by Tony. On this day in 1915 the soldiers of the Australia New Zealand Army Corps stepped foot on the darkened beach of the cliff-strewn peninsula known as Gallipoli. They were thousands and thousands of miles from home. Over the course of the next few months of this bloody and brutal campaign the courage and resilience and mateship that they demonstrated in [...]

April 25th, 2018|

Girls in Emergency – Coalition for Global Prosperity and Global Citizen event, London

Speech, check against delivery 17 April 2018 JULIE BISHOP:           What a delight it is to be here with my friend, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and to be at an event co-hosted by the Coalition for Global Prosperity and Global Citizen to focus on the very important issue of 'Girls in Emergencies', girls in crisis. Perhaps I can give you perspective from Australia's point of view - of course, here in the week of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting we have an ideal opportunity to raise this issue on the agenda of the Commonwealth, a family of nations that comprises [...]

April 17th, 2018|

Launch Walk Free Foundation Report on Modern Slavery, Australia House London

Speech, check against delivery Australia House, London 17 April 2018 JULIE BISHOP: Senator Linda Reynolds, colleagues, friends of Australia. I am so pleased to be here at Australia House this afternoon to launch the Walk Free Foundation report on steps that governments of the Commonwealth can take to eradicate modern slavery in all its forms: forced labour, human trafficking, child labour and other abhorrent practices. I really want to pay tribute today to the extraordinary work of the Walk Free Foundation and Andrew and Nicola and Grace Forrest for showing the leadership and the courage in tackling this issue to ensure [...]

April 17th, 2018|

Smart volunteering event, Australia House, London

Speech, check against delivery Australia House, London 16 April 2018 JULIE BISHOP: Thank you Georgette, Alexander, thank you for welcoming our guests here this evening on behalf of the Australian Government. I am delighted to be in London in the lead up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting later this week. I am pleased to have had the opportunity already to speak at the Commonwealth Business Forum, to meet with participants in the Youth Forum, to attend the Forum reception with His Royal Highness Prince William and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson this evening, and now to attend this very significant [...]

April 16th, 2018|

Commonwealth Business Forum, London

Speech, check against delivery London 16 April 2018 JULIE BISHOP: Minister Liam Fox, Excellencies, friends of the Commonwealth. I am delighted to be here in London at this Commonwealth Business Forum in the lead up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting taking place later this week. I am particularly enthused by the resurgence of interest in the Commonwealth. The very best that the Commonwealth has to offer was on display in recent weeks in Australia as we hosted our fifth Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Over 6,600 athletes from 53 Commonwealth nations and 17 territories took part [...]

April 16th, 2018|

La Trobe University lecture and conversation, Melbourne

Speech, check against delivery Melbourne 11 April 2018 JULIE BISHOP:           Good morning and thank you for the introduction. Chancellor, Excellencies, members of the diplomatic corps, panellists, friends of La Trobe University.  It is always inspiring to be at one of Australia's leading centres for higher education, and I’m delighted to be at this La Trobe University event today and I thank Aunty Joy for her welcome to country. One thing that has often crossed my mind is how future generations will look back and judge our generation and our time, in the same way that we study past events and judge [...]

April 11th, 2018|

Announcing further support to Tonga following Tropical Cyclone Gita, Tonga

Speech, check against delivery Tonga 23 March 2018 JULIE BISHOP: Minister, distinguished guests, community members, all. With my colleague, Senator Fierravanti-Wells and Australia’s High Commissioner Andy Ford, we are delighted to be here today, and we thank you for your very warm welcome. Australia and Tonga are close friends. Our relationship goes back many years and we support each other in times of need but also it’s a friendship that will endure long-term. We were deeply concerned to hear about the impact of Tropical Cyclone Gita. The Australian people wanted us to respond as quickly as we could to support those [...]

March 23rd, 2018|

Remarks at New Colombo Plan Reception, ASEAN Australia Special Summit, Sydney

Speech, check against delivery Sydney 17 March 2018 E&OE… JULIE BISHOP:           Thank you Prime Minister. Your Majesty, Excellencies, my foreign ministry counterparts, and I particularly mention Lao Foreign Minister Kommasith, because he is an alumnus from Monash University, indeed the first Lao alumnus from Monash University and he'll be speaking shortly, and to all the students and alumni here today on the New Colombo Plan, the Australia Awards and Endeavour Scholarships. We are meeting here today in Sydney amidst the first ever ASEAN-Australia Special Summit with the leaders of the ASEAN nations, gathering to discuss matters of regional interest. As the [...]

March 17th, 2018|