JOURNALIST: (Inaudible) Jamal Khashoggi. What steps should be taken against that regime?

JULIE BISHOP: Well clearly this is a very disturbing incident and there is an investigation underway and I don’t want to give a running commentary at this time but I think it is entirely appropriate for the Australian Government to pull out of the Saudi conference as a demonstration of our concern over the way this has been handled, but there is an investigation underway.

JOURNALIST: Ms Bishop your views on former Prime Ministers attending delegations on behalf of Australia? Do you think Malcolm Turnbull should still go to Bali?

JULIE BISHOP: Absolutely. Former Prime Ministers, former leaders are often asked by their countries to attend in the place of a serving Prime Minister, if the serving Prime Minister is not able to be there and Malcolm Turnbull has had a deep and abiding interest in oceans, in the environment, in climate change and I think he will do Australia proud by representing the Australian Government at that time. Many nations do it. I’ve attended many international forums and conferences where former leaders represent their nation. And if a former leader has a continuing contribution to make then we should be pleased to accept it.

JOURNALIST: Ms Bishop do you regret saying that the issue on the Australian Embassy in Israel was a closed issue and would support it being moved to near Jerusalem?

JULIE BISHOP: I’m not going to give a running commentary on that. My position in relation to that issue was made known when I was Foreign Minister. I’m no longer the Foreign Minister.

JOURNALIST: I was hoping to ask Ms Bishop about a certain pair of shoes and whether they are of enormous value and you paid for them? What’s the truth of this matter?

JULIE BISHOP: I complied with the Register of Interests and now we can talk about matters of concern to the Australian people.

JOURNALIST: Ms Bishop on the embassy issue, you spoke in there about the consequences of actions. What are the consequences of Australia flagging the possible moving of our embassy against all security advice?

JULIE BISHOP: The Australian Government has indicated that it is considering the question of moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I’ll wait until the Australian Government has made a decision on that before commenting. I don’t think it’s fair on the current Foreign Minister or the Prime Minister that I should run a commentary on a matter where they are just investigating a foreign policy change. And of course it’s open to any government where there’s been a change of Minister, a change of leader, to reconsider or consider new policy positions.

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