JOURNALIST: What did you make of the Victorian election last night?

JULIE BISHOP: I’m going to leave the commentary on the Victorian electoral result to my Victorian federal colleagues.

JOURNALIST: Is it a worrying trend, though? We’ve seen now the Wentworth by-election. We’ve seen Wagga Wagga for the New South Wales state Libs; this is not a good trend.

JULIE BISHOP: These are matters for the current leadership of the party to discuss. I’m not going to give a running commentary.

JOURNALIST: Ms Bishop, after the result in Wentworth there was a fair bit of soul-searching about whether that was an exceptional seat where these issues of climate change and some other issues that came up were really Wentworth-specific. Some would say the result in Victoria shows this at being [indistinct]. Do you think there are other seats around the country where you would see as similar?

JULIE BISHOP: Look, these are all questions for the current leadership of the Liberal Party. I’m a backbencher from Western Australia. I’m not going to comment on electoral matters in other states, so I’ll leave it to the team.

JOURNALIST: Do you think that the way that the leadership ballot went earlier this year caused some problems in Victoria?

JULIE BISHOP: Well these are matters for my Victorian colleagues to comment upon. They were there; they know what went on on the ground. In fact, my successor, the latest Deputy Leader, is in fact from Victoria. So these are questions you can put to Josh Frydenberg.

– Ends –