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Nerve agent attack in UK

Joint media release: The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister The Hon. Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs 15 March 2018 The Australian Government is gravely concerned that a military-grade nerve agent developed by Russia has been used in an attack on 4 March in the United Kingdom. We share the UK’s outrage over [...]

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Doorstop interview, Canberra

Transcript, E&OE Parliament House, Canberra 15 March 2018 JULIE BISHOP: The Australian Government shares the outrage of the British Government over the use of a military grade nerve agent developed by Russia which was used in an attempted assassination in the United Kingdom. The British Prime Minister Theresa May has made a compelling case on the [...]

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ABC Drive – interview with Linda Mottram

Transcript, E&OE 14 March 2018 JOURNALIST: The Foreign Minister Julie Bishop joins me. Minister, thank you very much for your time today. JULIE BISHOP: Good afternoon. JOURNALIST: Why, in your view, was Rex Tillerson sacked after just 14 months? JULIE BISHOP: That’s a matter for the US Administration to explain. From Australia’s perspective, we worked very productively with Rex [...]

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Doorstop interview – ASEAN-Australian Youth Dialogue

Transcript, E&OE 14 March 2018 JULIE BISHOP:           This first-ever meeting of ASEAN leaders, the 10 nations of South East Asia, is an extremely important one, not just symbolically, as it is the first time the ASEAN leaders will have met here in Australia with our Prime Minister, but also, it will lead to some positive outcomes [...]

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ABC RN Drive – Interview with Patricia Karvelas

Transcript, E&OE 13 March 2018 JOURNALIST: Julie Bishop is the Foreign Minister. She joins us on RN Drive. Welcome to the program. JULIE BISHOP: Good afternoon Patricia. Good to be with you. JOURNALIST: The ASEAN-Australia Special Summit is this weekend. Australia will bring a pro free trade message to ASEAN, but you’re not prepared to [...]

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ABC AM – Interview with Kim Landers

Transcript, E&OE New York 9 March 2018 JOURNALIST: The Foreign Minister is Julie Bishop; she joins me now on the line from New York. Minister, good morning. JULIE BISHOP: Good morning Kim, good to be with you. JOURNALIST: Are Australian steel and aluminium exporters exempt from these tariffs? JULIE BISHOP: The President has announced that [...]

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Remarks at UNGA Adoption of Resolution on the Kimberley Process

Transcript, E&OE United Nations Headquarters, New York 8 March 2018 JULIE BISHOP: Mr President, it is with great pleasure that I am here today, on behalf of Australia in our role as immediate past chair of the Kimberley Process during 2017. The Kimberley Process makes a valuable contribution to the United Nations agenda for international [...]

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Interview with Karl Stefanovic, Today Show

Transcript, E&OE UN, New York 8 March 2018 JOURNALIST: Our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is at the United Nations in New York and joins us now. Thank you for your time this morning. Will Australia be one of the countries to be exempt? JULIE BISHOP: We are certainly putting that case to the White House and the [...]

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Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News

Transcript, E&OE UN, New York 8 March 2018 KIERAN GILBERT: I spoke to the Foreign Minister from the United Nations in New York just a short time ago and began by asking her about this comment by Sarah Sanders about potential carve outs for Mexico, Canada and other countries and could that include Australia? JULIE BISHOP: That’s [...]

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Maritime boundary treaty signing press conference with Timor-Leste

Transcript, E&OE United Nations Headquarters, New York 7 March 2018 JULIE BISHOP: Minister Pereira, ladies and gentlemen, today Australia and Timor-Leste have signed an historic agreement, that is a permanent delineation of the maritime boundaries between our two nations. It is a landmark event not only for our two nations but also for international law for [...]

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