Kevin Rudd is at it again, stealing Coalition policy by appointing a Minister for International Development.

It has been Coalition policy since 2010 to appoint a Minister to oversee the foreign aid budget.

Mr Rudd specifically rejected this approach when serving as Foreign Minister in 2011.

If Mr Rudd is serious about improving administration of foreign aid he should also embrace the Coalition policy of implementing strict performance benchmarks which AusAID must pass before funding is increased.

This was a key recommendation of the Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness, which was not adopted by Mr Rudd at the time.

Clearly bereft of any policy ideas of his own, Mr Rudd appears to have spent the weekend trawling through Coalition policy looking for ideas.

This is a repeat of the tactic that Mr Rudd used in 2007, which was to adopt Coalition policy as part of his ruse to fool the Australian people into thinking he was John Howard-lite.

We can expect more of the same in coming weeks as Mr Rudd returns to his old tricks.

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