Today I announce the Turnbull Government’s foreign policy agenda, The Coalition’s Policy for a Safe and Prosperous Australia.

A re-elected Turnbull Coalition Team will continue to strengthen Australia’s international engagement, protect our national security and enhance the prosperity of the Australian people.

We have committed to investing $58 million over four years to expand our diplomatic presence overseas. This will increase our capacity to assist Australians travelling overseas and boost our national security, and will further open global markets to Australian businesses and provide greater opportunities for trade and investment in Australia.

The Coalition will also establish the Global Watch Office, an around the clock crisis response facility. Worth $8 million over four years, the Global Watch Office will provide accurate and timely advice, allowing the Australian government  to respond more rapidly to emergencies including natural disasters, conflict, pandemics, security incidents and accidents, as they unfold.

We will provide $100 million over five years to establish a Regional Health Security Partnership Fund which will utilise our world leading research institutions, scientific expertise, innovators and entrepreneurs to address health priorities in our region. Through partnerships with academia, medical institutions and the private sector, we will work to tackle health security challenges and improve health outcomes in our part of the world.

Over five years the Coalition will invest $5.4 million to support a Pacific Women Mentoring Programme, connecting female leaders in Australia with emerging leaders in our region across both the public and private sectors. Empowering women is crucial to maintaining peace and stability and will also enhance our strong people-to-people links.

Within twelve months of the election, we will develop a contemporary and comprehensive foreign policy strategy for the 21st century. This will build on the Coalition’s achievements since 2013 and focus on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The Coalition has strengthened relations with key partners through economic and public diplomacy efforts; delivered an innovative and more effective aid programme; ensured our national security; and overseen the single largest expansion of our diplomatic network in 40 years.

Only a re-elected Turnbull Coalition Government can be trusted to manage Australia’s international relationships, safeguard our reputation as a reliable trading partner, and ensure our status as a strong, prosperous and safe country.

The Coalition’s foreign policy will place no additional costs on the Budget.

Click here to view the Coalition’s Policy for a Safe and Prosperous Australia.